Krista Kim: Digital Consciousness

March 23 – May 20, 2017

Press Release

Dean Borghi Fine Art is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of contemporary artist and Techism founder Krista Kim. Krista Kim: Digital Consciousness which is a showcase of her technique as an abstract expressionist using digital technology.  She uses raw images of LED lights and manipulates them using software and to create painterly, meditative and energetic compositions, contradicting the digital environments that we are accustomed to that distracts, stimulates and manipulates our behavior. 

529 West 20th street (4th Floor), Chelsea, New York City from March 23rd until April 28th. An opening reception being held on April 6th from 6 - 9pm.

Krista Kim is a Canadian-born contemporary artist working out of New York and Paris.  She wrote the Techism manifesto in 2015, and she is best known for her use of manipulating digital images of LED lights to create abstract expressionist works that evoke the sublime. Krista is influenced by a keen interest in digital disruption of as well as the social effects of digital technology as a tool of distraction and tribal segregation of people based on similar interests and likes using algorithms on social media. She promotes the confluence of art and technology, as well as technological innovation as a medium for artists to further the development of digital humanism. Krista brought much of her artistic practice as an abstract expressionist painter over into her digital artwork, creating moving and thought provoking work.

Krista has lived in Seoul, Tokyo and Singapore. She earned her Masters of Arts Fine Arts from La Salle College of the Arts / Goldsmiths College UK in 2014. She completed her undergraduate studies in Political Science at the University of Toronto. 

What is Digital Consciousness?
Digital consciousness refers to an alertness and shared experience of the tensions that persist into our digital age: isolation/community, nature/artificiality and individualism/collectivism. Digital consciousness embraces the challenges and possibilities enabled by a technology that binds and heightens our lives and perceptions. The physiological effect of light shining into our retinas is undeniable. And yet the colour is a manipulation of software. The colour is derived digitally yet the sensation is physiological.