Krista Kim: Digital Consciousness - Exhibition Review


Featured article on Krista Kim: Digital Consciousness' at Dean Borghi Fine Art 

About the Artist: Krista Kim

           Krista is a Techism artist whose work is a response to our constant exposure to LED lights through our devices. Her work expresses digital consciousness and questions our current aesthetic principles. She is interested in digital technology and its revolutionary effects on human perception, media, social structures and communication. She has lived in Toronto, Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore, New York and is currently based in Toronto and Paris.
           Krista earned her Masters of Arts Fine Arts from La Salle College of the Arts / Goldsmiths UK in 2014 and has been exhibiting in Shanghai, Singapore, New York and Basel Miami. She is considered one of the most trending artists online and is a spokesperson for greater inter-disciplinary dialogue and collaboration between innovators of the Tech industry and artists through the Techism movement.
          Krista is represented by Agent, Mikael Kraemer.

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