Dean Borghi Fine Artis pleased to announce our new exhibition asolo exhibition Kurt Seligmann featuring the works of Kurt Seligmann, best known for his exploration of the style and view surrealism within his work. The Exhibition will be on view at our gallery at 529 West 20thStreet, New York city, New York (6thFloor) beginning October 25, 2018 until November 25, 2018. An opening receptionwill take place on Thursday October 25, 2018 from 6 – 8pm.        

                       Best known for his bold use of color and enigmatic figures, Seligmann find a strong interest in his exploration of the inner psyche of the human being during his time living in New York, experiencing the after effects of World War I and II. The instability of war manifested itself in his work in the ways he manipulated various abstract forms to resemble the human figure in many of his works. Inspired by the surrealist movement that was occurring when he arrived in New York in the 1940’s much of Seligmann’s work has strong connections to fellow surrealist artists of the time such as Salvador Dali. Seligmann’s reference to the human figures throughout his work, is a reference from the artist that he hasn’t neglected the reality of the physical form in his work. Through his use of the human figure, combining with the fantasy-like figures and settings he creates, Seligmann reconciles the unconscious realm to that of the physical. 

            The works displayed in this exhibition, displays Seligmann’s constant exploration between the psyche and the human figure. The works display his place as a monumental figure within the Surrealist movement in America and the importance of his influence to his colleagues. By putting himself behind his works and using his own background, personality and state of mind when making his work, Seligmann created uniquely distinct works of art. 

            An opening receptionwill be held on October 25, 2018 from 6pm to 9pm at our location in Chelsea at 529 W. 20thStreet (6thFloor). Dean Borghi Fine Art is open Tuesday to Saturday starting from 11-6pm. Further inquiries can be sent to or by calling the gallery directly at (212) 472 - 3101