The Austrian photographer Stefan Draschan spends his time in both museums and on the street photographing happy coincidences of colour, form, pattern and style. He took up photography four years ago and his visual eye creates images that showcase exceptional perceptions of connections between objects, people and works of art. For his series „People Matching Artworks“ Draschan captures encounters between museum visitors and the works of art they engage with. A women matching Vermeer, a couple reminiscent of Rembrandt, a punk in front of a Warhol – if he can get the right shot, astounding parallels are revealed. Draschan has developed a particular understanding of the layout of museums all over Europe and has learned how to predict the movements of visitors from artwork to artwork. He is on the hunt for the perfect shot and follows the museumgoers until his predicted constellation might appear. The results are breathtaking, bringing a new depth to the realtionship between modern life and art history or as Draschan says: „Maybe it is like being in love, I am just happy when something fits.“

stefan draschans serie „people matching artworks“ behandelt die universellen gestaltungsmittel und möglichkeiten von textilien und texturen im licht der kunstgeschichte, die unser denken und sehen sowie unser unbewusstsein beeinflussen. die scheinbar zufälligen übereinstimmungen auf seinen bildern sind ergebnis langer und ausdauernder jagden und beobachtungen.