Through an engagement with the avant-garde movements of European art, I seek to expand a normatively constructed notion of modernism. I am interested not only in formal aspects, new techniques, perspectives, and maneuvers, but also in the ideological motivations that accompanied the development of painting in the first half of the twentieth century. Political and aesthetic questions as well as the threat of narration and subjectivity stand in the centre of my painterly work. My interest lies in an artistic configuration that stages conflicts despite its abstract form. In this way, the paradoxes of the human condition are a consistent theme of my work: a paradise with both dead and living, friendship with an antagonistic potential that can lead to violence. My paintings have in their abstract form come into being layer by layer; they are ever newly re-conceived, in some cases over a period of several years. In this way the creative process emerges: from the ambiguity of the material, and compositional and chromatic steps forward and backward.

Coming closer to a definitive work of art through revisions is my attempt to break out of a system of facile and hasty solutions. My paintings call for a deceleration of perception which reflects the condition of the production of my works.